12 May, 2012
Internsip completed
Ricardo Mosselman has completed his internship
Ricardo has (successfully) completed his internship at our company. We wish him all the best for the remaining time of his education and for his career after that.
6 April, 2012
We're moving
While we're still looking for expansion we have decided to move into our own office.
As of today Moventit is residing in an office building on the Elsstraat in Beek which is situated opposite to the historical Elsmuseum where originally the liquor - 'het èlske' - was brewn. In terms of accesibility and parking space this office also suits our needs. View our address details for directions.

Moventit office Elsstraat Beek    Moventit office Elsstraat Beek
3 January, 2012
Anniversary Moventit
Time flies when you're having fun.
In a time of global economic distress we are proud to announce that we successfully made it through the first year. We would like thank our customers and partners for putting their trust in our hands and we hope that we can be of service again in this upcoming year.

We are going to put forth the effort to make the upcoming year even more successful than the previous one.

Many thanks.
2 January, 2012
Moventit is expanding
For multiple project we are looking for a hands on software engineer to join us.
It is time for growth! In order to facilitate all new and ongoing projects and to start product development it is necessary to expand our team.
Also, to provide our team with better facilities, we are looking for office space somewhere between Heerlen and Maastricht.

Click here for the complete vacancy.
1 February, 2012
Happy newyear!
Movent is ready for 2012.
The first year since the start of Moventit has come to a successfull end. The targets for 2012 are set and we are determined to make this year even better. Besided our current services in software engineering we are also going to focus on product development and growth: in business and in resources.
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